The Editor and and the questions he receives...

Why do you have pages with Nazis,Jews,Gangsters and Composers?

JOHANN WOLGANG GOETHE..."When I look inside myself...I see the mental fabric to form every human being. and every kind of human behavior"

    In my world there are no good guys and bad guys.Yes...I like certain behaviors and dislike other kinds of behaviors...BUT....we're all struggling in this realm to see.I continue to discover in my evolution that I missed something before.Our blindness is a temporary gift from god....that we all must receive as we enter this realm...again...and AGAIN.I'm fascinated by what souls do when they take human form.It's an incredible challenge.I am a Jew in this life.But I have a profound feeling that I wasn't a Jew in previous lives.I was really quite the opposite...This awareness makes me vulnerable to those who can't see intuitively that consciousness transfers from one form  and one realm to another...or that one might have some memory of previous forms.Those people will have to discount my views and consider me a heretic unwittingly departing from doesn't change the reality that for me... I realize all of these antithetical flows in me.And ...BECAUSE OF THAT...I can appreciate a man's achievements...even if he hates what he thinks I am.

                  This site is devoted to appreciating.pondering,contemplating and being amused by what individuals have done with the circumstances in which they found themselves.So we will look at  Adolph Hitler and Sophie Scholl...OR...Butterflies and Porcelain.

Why do you allow people to make such offensive and evil comments?

We are consciousness.That's all we are...but that is what God is...Consciousness...and we are in her image.But that is an incredible thing.And irrespective of what form consciousness takes...expression is it's life force.Just as the soul of a tree bends in the wind and flutters it leaves gloriously...souls in human mentalities must speak and act in their own way.The currency of their entire perception is their behavior and verbal expression.It is sacred.And to kill their expression by....erasing it,segregating it...or attacking it....means that you consider yourself above God...Because GOD...does not do that.From God's deepest most unbelievable love for us...(herself)....we are allowed to murder and rape each other or kiss and hold each other....but She... WILL NOT INTERFERE.In Judaism there is the principle of ...TIKKUN OLAM....perfecting the universe.And by adopting God's behaviors out of love for each other we are become the very soul of Tikkun Olam.Sometimes I have many reasons for not responding,attacking,or censuring,a person's expresion  even if I have none of those...then I always have Tikkun Olam.

Why don't you organize the site for more quick access and seperate the languages and cultures?

Welcome to my world...It's a horse-drawn world I live in.If you need to check in for some quick sex and get out in 3.21 minutes according to schedule...then this is the WRONG place for you.Here is a world of timelessness where you lose yourself....where gratification comes UNPREDICTABLY....where you are a partner in creation...but not in control.After centuries of living within the  segregated legacy of the tower of Babel,it's time to be TOGETHER.Every page here is a world and you are find your it.

....AND...many of the pages are...intentionally long and and LABYRINTHIAN.Why?...Each page is a life and a personality.You don't have to  feel anxious if you can't get through it in one visit.Savor the discovery and develop a relationship with the page.I have tried to give each page a non-disposable integrity...very un-20th or 21st century...I confess...

Some have suggested to me that I seperate everything...Polish Musicians here...German thinkers over there...American athletes and gangsters in between...It's funny because I was thinking that all of this information here represented a serious advance in terms of quick multi-medium access over what you can get anywhere else.But even if that is not the case....LOOK TO THE LEFT...THERE IS A TABLE OF CONTENTS....I really think though that this is another male problem....For some reason men seem to need to know exactly where they are going at all times,for what specific thing,and for how much time that they will expend...or they really don't like to go,if it's not arranged so that it can be this dissected and abstracted ..(in the name of efficiency).I certainly want you to be happy here...but also I'm having a hard time feeling sympathy for the suffering that it takes to cursor past some Deutsch and Polski in order to get to Francais.It must be terrible losing an extra second or two out here in infinte space and timelessness.

Further...I very much enjoy presenting to you pages with so many cultures together.It's inspiring to see all of the inventiveness and creativeness that we have devised in the human world.

And yes...I'm still converting some of the original older pages in English only format to the international model.Hang on...We're almost through....

Why don't you tell us who you are?

For a year and half at Youtube I maintained the most obvious,open,and honest profile of anyone I knew...99.99% of those people...(even those that disliked me rather intensely)...knew how to stay within the boundaries of proper behavior.Sadly a few...did not know.It has made me hesitant to come out in the public again...but in the end...I despise hiding...because I associate it with cowardice...and cowardice gives me a bad feeling in my stomach.I am a middle-aged American Jewish male.I live in a mountain town far in the northern part of America where the weather is colder than Moscow...but not as cold as St.Petersburg.I am happily married 299 conversations out of 300...or 29 days out of 30.   I have two cats...or should I say...They have they nap on boxes right over my shoulders as I build this site every day.I am a professional classical guitarist and intellectual...but because America has very little need for either...SO..I am basically my wife's wife.It's not something of which I dreamed of being as a boy(I dreamed of being Michael Wittman)...but really it's a very nice existence.My favorite color is Green.I drink coffee blacker than Turks and nobody should disturb me when the New York Jets football team is playing.I am basically a European who...(after the insanity of my last life as a European in the 20th century)... is taking a break from European insanity in this life in America...but I will return in the next life to europe.My wife has chosen the 21st century and I have chosen the mountains of Norway...where I will be a tall blond Chairmaker lesbian named Hildagaard and play on the Norwegian national chess team.My favorite sandwich is smoked cow's tongue on rye bread...and my favorite dinner is fried chicken livers,baked potatoes,and fact any dinner with vodka is praiseworthy....

Why are you so good with languages...?

That is a relative compared to most of my fellow Americans ...who speak no languages ...(including English)...I'm definitely good with languages....BUT...on the other hand...compared to some of my Intellectual Dutch friends...(who speak at least 4 languages fluently either drunk or sober)....I am not very good with languages.My Spanish is ...pretty good.My German is adequate.My Russian is like a gulag for any native Russian speaker to hear or read...and of course my English is... excellent.I took 4 years of French in school,my wife and I are studying Italian,and my Polish friends have made sure that I can read and pronounce their very very difficult language.And so it is with that that I attempt to fill out this site with 12-15 languages.

"I've left comments and you didn't respond..."

Creating this site takes on average of 10 hours a day.That leaves me 6 hours a day to do other things.After that 10 hours,(as you might expect)...I have very little interest in looking at a computer.That is the 1st issue.Further...this is a place for you to talk with each other in an envirament of high stimulation and non-authoritarian interference.

The 2nd issue is personal negativity.If your comment has any personal negativity of any kind in it,other than a polite and constructively interesting debate of a particular issue ...then I regard it as not worthy of my attention.Within the very 1st moment that I get a bad vibration from you,I stop reading and go to the next comment...

 One thing is very clear from my Youtube experience...and that is a lot of men are suffering from an addiction to conflict.It's no longer an interesting conversational is simply mindless vitriol spilling out as the insecure ego thirsts to hurt someone so that it can escape the pain of it's inability to live with itself peacefully and harmoniously.I admire so much my female friends who come to this site endlessly and frequently disagree with me and they do it with the most beautiful grace and charm...Instead of the mindlessly compulsive and silly top-dog games...they just share with me their very deep and personal insights.By doing it so gracefully...not only do they ensure that I will read their every comments from start to finish,but that I will relish their thoughts and usually respond to them

"What are you doing artistically these days..."

I am not teaching or giving recitals.From July 2007 to May 2008 I spent many long hours every day preparing to record an album of the music of Mauro Giuliani.It was exhausting,grueling,and irritating to go over the same phrases without end.In May I went to record at the farm of my longtime friend and lifetime teacher of mine,who had very graciously extended an invitation to come use his studio for free and in addition he would produce it.I was there for 9 days and these process was a grueling one.The first 2 or 3 days had not very much worthwhile in it.I found it very disconcerting to play out of my ordinary scene live.There were other problems such as the microphone placement and my teacher,(who has produced quite a few Harpsichord albums in recent years),did not have a good setup for capturing the I had to experiment and make changes.But by day 4 I began to win some battles and in the last 3 days was able to come roaring into the finish line with something that was entirely what I was intending artistically and something for which I would never make any excuses.

                    Further...I mapped out all the editing spots so that my friend could paste the edits and make a master fairly convenietly when he has the oppurtunity.He is a very busy man and is not getting paid for I have to wait until he is ready to do it.That could be tomorrow....or that could be in 15 months.When that occurs I will put up a page here with samples from the album for you to enjoy,hear,and comment upon.

When I came home after that...I have to admit that all the music was out of me.So I didn't play for a while.when I began to play though I really had a case of nausea that I couldn't escape.After years of playing two repertoires only...1st...(Franco-Italian Baroque of Gaultier,DeVisee,Corbetta,Mouton,and Dufaut)...2nd...(Late Galant Italian music of Giuliani,Legnani,and Ferranti)...for more than 20 years without interruption...I could find no more enthusiasm for it.AND as I have less than zero interest in playing the rest of the remaining Lute-guitar repertoire of any era..(with the possible exception of Napoleon Coste)...I really didn't know what to do.But slowly it dawned on me that now was a time to quit playing pre-composed music and begin exclusively to improvise and make my own compositions from it.I have been improvising every day of my musical life since 1974.But since I stopped playing Heavy Metal music in the mid 80s,improvisation was always a daily side issue and not the main thing.It is very interesting starting all over again.I feel just like I did when I was trying to figure out Jimmy Page and Tony Iommi solos when I was a kid.I'm perplexed by what I will accept as mine and what I will throw away.I'm also trying to shake loose that demon of habit and learn to improvise in a way that reflects the middle aged-me...and not a hodgepodge of different Smiths that just got stuck in the fingers and come out by rote.Developing  my own language is an incredible and yet fascinating challenge.I'm just starting now to get a sense of ease in my new direction...but I've got some years to go before I'll be ready to sit down in front of a microphone and improvise an album.Certainly my standards of improvisation are more mental than what passes for great in  flamenco guitar.I want my improvisations to tumble out naturally like a trio for Oboe,Viola,and Harp.The counterpoint and the harmony aren't so difficult...rather it is constantly coming up with interesting episodry that attractively and sensibly integrate into what comes before and after it.That's a huge challenge.

After my recording I modified my 10 string theorbo guitar into an 11 string.One would think that this would be no big deal...just adding another bass string...but unfortunately it is.It has completely altered my mind's sense of where the bass strings are and I am frequently hitting the wrong bass strings now.I remember when I converted my play from 6 string to 10 string and it took me at least 2 years to get comfortable with it.Maybe this won't be so long...but it's an additional challenge.

For those of you who don't know,I play the guitar upside down....that is to say that normally when you see a guitarist play,the strings run from the floor to the roof in this order...1E-2B-3G-4D-5A-6E   My Strings run...6E-5A-4D-3G-2B-1E...the added complexity is that my extra bass strings are placed over my treble string,(If they were placed below the normal bass strings I could never reach over them to play .So my current 11 string theorbo string order is the following...6E-5A-4D-3G-2B-1E--7G-8F-9D-10C-11B.This low B is a full 4th below the normal lowest note on the guitar which gives my guitar a near 4 octave range.My bass strings all float freely in the air without a neck underneath them.Currently I am pitched usually around A-418 which lends my sound a lot of yellows with a strong green secondary in it.In other words,like the beautiful yellow-green leaves of  some maple trees in October.

My 11 sting guitar itself is very similar to the models produced by Gerard Delaplanque,Francois Lupot,and Rene LaCote in the late 18th and early 19th centuries...I also have an anonymous 6 string guitar from Mirecourt in the the 1830s...which Richard Brune sold to me as a Grobert in 1988.I love that guitar...but I don't play it often anymore as I find the 6 string guitar is not sufficient for what I wish to express musically.I also have a  Franco-Russo 12 string theorbo guitar built on the concepts of those aesthetics from the court of Katherine the Great in the 1780s.It is tuned the same as my other guitar only that the pitch is a-458.