First Post! 07/02/2008
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    An Organbuilder's Duel

    The Left column of the organ in Basedow

    Ingo Duwensee demonstrates the Klapmeyer organ of the St. Nicolaikirche at Altenbruch.


    Pastor de Lasala plays three movements from Clerambault's Suite on the 1st Tone: Duo, Trio & Grand Jeu on the 1791 F-H Clicquot organ at Poitiers Cathedral, France.

    Martin Böcker plays Praeludium in C, BWV 531 from Johann Sebastian Bach on the Berendt Huss/Arp Schnitger organ at Ss. Cosmae et Damiani Church in Stade, Germany

    Wilde/Schnitger organ at Lüdingworth

    "Noël en Fanfare" de Jean-François Dandrieu à l'orgue Moucherel-Isnard-Lépine-Peyroulous de la cathédrale (restauration Formentelli 1996).


    A small virtual tour through the historic town of Roetha, Germany. The St. Georgenkirche is home to one of the most well preserved pipe organs built by the Baroque builder Gottfried Silbermann in 1721.

    Music accompanying the video is from the virtual Hauptwerk Silbermann organ dating from 2003 and Hauptwerk v. 1.


    André Isoir "découvre" l'orgue Moucherel (?) restauré par Cattiaux de l'Eglise de la Nativité de la Sainte Vierge à Cintegabelle (Haute Garonne).


    Johann Ludwig Krebs: Von Gott will ich nicht lassen. Played by Liga Vilmane (Latvia) on July 6, 2007 in the Martinichurch in Groningen.


    Gabler-Orgel Weingarten


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