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    Hitler's Son...

    The Improbable Story of Leon DeGrelle

    Leon DeGrelle is one of the people whose life tells us so much about who we are and have been...that the ensuing controversy is something most have preferred to whitewash and sweep under the carpet...because we really would prefer NOT to know these things about (us)...

    Those who are familiar with Wallonia will excuse the following definition for the many who are not familiar with it or it's whereabouts...


    The Walloon Region, commonly called Wallonia, is one of the three Regions of Belgium.

    The region represents 33% of the population and 55% of the territory of Belgium. It is predominantly French-speaking but there are also German-speaking municipalities in the east. As the other regions, the Walloon Region has its own parliament and government and exercises its functions by the limits defined by the Belgian constitution. Its capital is Namur. Its official languages are French and German.

    The Waffen SS shoulder insignia and lower armbands for Degrelle's Wallonian Legion....

    Introduction to Leon Degrelle prior to the general giving a lecture about the Waffen SS.


    Leon Degrelle provides a Belgian's perspective on the Waffen SS, the pro-Hitler military forces which consisted of volunteers from nearly every nation in Europe including Britain, France and Russia, that is so grossly misrepresented by "historians" today

    Leon Degrelle being decorated by Adolf Hitler.


    Discours de Léon Degrelle

    A Recruitment poster for Degrelle's  Waffen SS Wallonie Legion


    Leon Degrelle and Wallonien soldiers during World War 2 


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