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    Battle Of Brandenburg
    Over Bach's
    5th Brandenburg Concerto in
    D Dur  

     BWV 1050

    The Margrave of Brandenburg,to whom these Concerti were offered...

    Karl Richter, Cembalo mit
    Otto Büchner, Violine
    Paul Meisen, Querflöte und dem
    Münchener Bachorchester

    Abbado and the Mozart Orchester

    Musica Antiqua Köln led by Reinhard Goebel

    3 A.MAGDALENAS- Great

    2 A.MAGDALENAS -  Good

    1 A.MAGDALENA-    Okay


     NOSFERATU-Not Dead or                        Alive  

      1 DRESDEN-  Bombed the 
     2 DRESDENS-Firebombed
                          the piece
     3 DRESDENS- Left nothing
                           but ashes

    The Hamburger Kammer-orchester with Harry Newstone

    Glenn Gould plays and conducts Bach's Brandenburg

    As was the Baroque tradition,Bach made no attempt through agogical markings to seriously influence how a piece like this might be interpreted.

    So you definitely have to rely on your own aesthetic judgement and performance values and explain why....

    Freiburg Baroque Orchestra


    July 2008



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