First Post! 07/03/2008
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    Toccata Duel...

    Over Bach's D Minor Toccata for Organ

    BWV 565

    Bach left it for the performer to interpret.Who do you think performs it the best? Rate them and explain why...

    Hans-Andre Stamm

    Nikolai Ryskov

     Stéphane ELIOT

    Karl Richter

    Gustav Leonhardt

    3 A.MAGDALENAS- Great

    2 A.MAGDALENAS -  Good

    1 A.MAGDALENA-    Okay


     NOSFERATU-Not Dead or                        Alive  

      1 DRESDEN-  Bombed the 
     2 DRESDENS-Firebombed
                          the piece
     3 DRESDENS- Left nothing
                           but ashes

    Peter Hurford

    A comparison of three different interpretations : Daniel Chorzempa, Marie-Claire Alain and Fabio Bonizzoni.

    Vitaly Dmitriev

    Edouard Commette

    Petit Nazard

    Ton Koopman


    July 2008



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